At the beginning of the year 2021, our new production hall was put into operation. It is designed primarily for pre-assembly and finalization of products. Thanks to the higher ceiling and the new overhead cranes with a load capacity of 20 t, 10 t and 5 t, the handling with large parts has been significantly simplified. Two larger cranes move along a track with a span of almost 12 m and the height of the hook is 9 m.

This hall, internally called “yellow”, has an area of 800 m2.

After the extension of the existing “red” hall in 2020, this is a further increase in the capacity. The “red” hall has been extended by 300 m2 and is equipped with a new crane with a load capacity of 20 t.

In total, we have expanded our production facilities in Fryčovice by 1,100 m2.

The construction was carried out by our assembly team, only selected works were outsourced – see the pictures.

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