Engineering and production of the steel construction of the Snake “S” conveyor for the transport of rubble for drilling tunnels for the new metro line in Paris. This conveyor is unique by picking up the material in the horizontal part, moving it along the vertical part while being held by compressed belts and releasing it again at the horizontal level. We delivered two conveyors, each weighing 23 tons.
Total project weight: 46 tons.
Delivery including engineering and surface treatment.

Date: March 2018
Category: Investment constructions
Destination country: France

What they say about us

“ We were very happy with the technical solution and the delivery of technological and supporting steel structures for the hydrogen production units by the company TMETAL. We are looking forward to continued cooperation. “

Petr Pazdera, ZVU Engineering a.s., Hradec Králové

Steel construction for a large-scale CO2 capture plant in Norway


Steel structure pre-assembly for two film production lines