TMETAL manufactures steel structures for transportation of excavated material which will be used at the construction of new Lyon-Turin railway. The delivery includes a total of four towers covering engineering, production, surface protection and packaging. In the photos, you can see one of the towers during the preassembly check weighing about 40 tons and some packages after hot dip galvanizing ready to be shipped.


„Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin“, also known as TELT is a challenging project connecting Lyon, France, to Turin, Italy through the Alps.  The main part, the Mont Cenis base tunnel with 57,5 kilometer length when completed, will beat the Gotthard tunnel, which is currently the longest railway tunnel in the world with 57,1 km. It should make the travelling between France and Italy quicker and more efficient, relieve the road traffic, while benefiting both the passengers and the freight transport.


The construction is a tough task because of the mountainous terrain. It should employ about 180 companies and 1,400 workers. As reported by, the main running tunnels will be excavated using two bi-mode tunnel boring machines (TBM), able to cut through hard rock. A total of 2.3 million m3 of material is expected to be excavated during tunnelling, with up to 60% reused in the project.


TMETAL is proud to contribute to this essential project, making travelling and transportation more accessible across Europe.



Date: November 2023
Category: Investment constructions
Destination country: France

What they say about us

“ We are very satisfied with the delivery of multi-function construction for the assembly of machines MULTINIP with side bearings. The technical solution met our demanding expectations. We thank you and look forward to continuing our good cooperation. “

Adolf Dolák, Windmöller & Hölscher Prostějov k.s.

Pre-assembly of the steel structure


Steel structure for highway noise barrier